Friday, 24 May 2013

Montane Medusa 32 Review

I have both a Talon 22 and a Talon 44. The 22 is great for summer walks and the 44 for winter, when more equipment is needed. But I decided that something between them would be good for longer summer walks, where I would be carrying more water. Also something with a slimmer profile for scrambles and getting through the annoying 'hook on to your bag any way they can' gates and stiles. Montane released a range of packs last year and decided I would have a look at the Medusa 32. I tried one out at the local outdoor retailer and decided it was worth a try. At 32 litres it fell nicely between the packs I already have.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Ultimate Survival's Wetfire Tinder Review

We don't have much in the way of real wild countryside left here in the UK anymore except in the north of Scotland. We are also limited on where it is permissible to have an open fire in the countryside. So the means to start a fire easily isn't exactly an everyday required skill. It doesn't mean that learning the relevant skills isn't fun. And it will come handy on those summer days when you decide on a barbeque. Or it may be just a man thing.
There are many materials and techniques that can be used to start a fire, but there are two primary factors that I've found can hinder a fire starting, wind and water. A fire needs air, but if it is too windy, initial ignition of the source will be difficult. Getting out of the wind is generally easy, as long as your environment permits. Any damp conditions may not be quite so easy. WetFire tinder from Ultimate Survival is supposed to address the water and wind issue.