Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Keela Belay Jacket Review

Keela  have now split the Belay Jacket into two variants, an Advance Jacket which is back to basics. And an all singing and dancing version, the Pro Jacket. The older version I am reviewing here, a pre 2013 single variant, was purchased in September 2011 and has had extensive use. I've used it for work nearly every day, especially in the winter. Or around camp when I am off in the Lake District, Dales, or where ever.
A doorman discovered in the Peak District

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Bio-ethanol Fuel, a Methylated Spirit alternative?

Based only a stones throw from myself, in Sheffield South Yorkshire, Fuel 4 produce a range of bio-ethanol items, including a fuel gel, liquid fuel and cook sets. To be honest, the cook sets look too bulky for my needs. But looks like a possible competitor to the Trangia systems. In this review I will look at the liquid bio-ethanol with a review of the gel to follow once I have done some tests. So what's the spirit fuel like?

Monday, 13 January 2014

Eyam - On The Edge

Famous for sealing itself off from the rest of the world following the discovery of the plague reaching there in August 1665, Eyam is a Derbyshire Village only a fairly short drive south west of Sheffield. So there is an historical attraction, but what about for walks? The walk for today was based around Eyam Edge, with the hope of some views.