Blog Review Policy

The intention of my reviews is to stick to gear I have used and consider worth purchasing. I will never write a review with the view of giving a piece of gear only negative feedback unless it is really deserved. There is enough negativity elsewhere on the Internet and I want to avoid that at where possible. I intend my blog to be a fun, interesting place people can come to and see what gear is worth spending their hard earned cash on.

Please remember that any walks I review are to make readers aware of the walks that exist or can be done. Maps I provide are merely to guide you in finding your own route or those laid out on a map. They are not exact representations and should not be used or be treated as such. If you are unable to navigate using a map and compass then I would advise against using the walks I provide. I accept no responsibility for accidents that occur while doing any of these walks.

Equipment Advice

I could go on about what I think you need to carry when out walking, especially in the hills or mountains. But I think it is easier for me to provide the following link:

I follow this advice myself and would advise others to do the same. I understand there will be circumstances out of your control that may lead to you requiring the assistance of the Mountain Rescue. But reducing your chances of needing them from being ill-equipped I feel is the responsibility of everyone.