Wednesday, 21 May 2014

There's no place like Holm........Holmfirth 6 Reservoirs Walk

I always think that there are places you have never been, little gems, not far from your door. Just outside Holmfirth, to the South West, are five reservoirs. They are:

Digley Reservoir
Brownhill Reservoir
Ramsden Reservoir
Riding Wood Reservoir
Yateholme Reservoir
Bilberry Reservoir

We had good weather here in the UK at the weekend, a little too warm for me to hit the heights, so I headed to Holmfirth. I'd been looking at this series of reservoirs for a couple of weeks on the map, planning a route that would last a few hours and take in some views. Well I certainly got some views. A really pleasant walk, nothing too strenuous, so worth a look if you don't want big hills. And a choice of pubs during or after your walk for something nice to eat and a pint in the sun, while it lasts.

I parked in a free car park that is near the headwall of Ramsden Reservoir. It's a small car park that was full on my return, around a dozen cars. There is a picnic area and some nice views.

I chose a route that covered around 6 miles and there were times when it felt like I was further away from a populated area than actually was. There were areas that had quite a remote feel to them adding to the enjoyment of the walk. There was no litter either unlike some other popular areas for walks. Some people really need to remember to take their litter home.

The wood below Ramsden Edge

Riding Wood Reservoir

The back of Ramsden Reservoir

Holme Moss ahead, Yateholme Reservoir hiding behind a large banking on the left

The track through Holme Woods

The view across Holmfirth from Netherley

One of the choice of pubs, this one in Holme

Rigley Reservoir ahead.

Bilberry Reservoir that feeds into Rigley Reservoir

Rigley Reservoir from Bilberry Reservoir headwall

The woods along Rigley Reservoir's northern shore

Rigley Reservoir

Brownhill Reservoir on the route back to the car

Brownhill Reservoir overlooked by Holme Moss

Looking back to my walk area from Holme Moss

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