Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Longside Moss to Smallden Clough Impromptu walk.

Just a short walk that I decided on at the last second in the Peak District. Not the one originally planned at the West end of Woodhead Pass which became a non-event (okay, I didn't have enough change for the car park at Torside). So I headed back up the A628 to the east end of Woodhead Pass.

Round Hill above Longside Moss.

I started at Salter's Brook Bridge (OS SE 136 001), over the stile next to the car park and headed up through Longside Moor. I made a diversion to one of the pillars on the map, which I assume are survey pillars for the Woodhead Tunnel (Can someone clarify?) on Round hill.

One of the pillars.

From the pillar I headed to one of the tunnel air shafts. The terrain up here can be quite boggy in places, but due to the icy weather there was little risk of an early bath. In warmer winter weather it could be a different story. The air shaft I went to is also surrounded by a lot of mixed size abandoned stones on the surrounding slopes so care is needed here.

A tunnel air shaft with standard issue sheep.

From here a headed up Smallden Clough head (a bit of a scramble in places) and met up with the track that heads over Smallden Clough. This then cuts across Bagshaw ridge and meets up with a Bridleway which is actually part of the Barnsley Boundary Walk.

The track on Smallden Clough.

The Bridleway is a pleasant short walk which leads back up to the A628 with some nice views back down the valley.

A view back to Upper Windleden Reservoir.

Once back up to the A628 a quick detour via Lady Cross brought me to the Longdendale Trail and back to Salter's Brook Bridge. While walking I had heard what sounded like a helicopter flying around. When I returned to the bridge I could see two helicopters ferrying stones up on the tops (possibly Bleaklow and the Pennine Way?) for, I assume, the continued path maintenance being carried out. Maybe someone can expand on this?

One helicopter with the other on the horizon.

It's surprising the things you can see on a mornings walk. But you have to be out there to see it!