Saturday, 18 August 2012

Review: Nakd bars. Oh yeah, no Es!

Nakd is a line of products made by the company Natural Balance Foods. They are proud to produce energy bars and other goodies that are free from wheat germ and dairy ingredients. And most importantly, there are no additives, none of those nasty E numbers that might induce yourselves or your kids into running around the room like lunatics.


Firstly, let me make it clear that the only thing that will be Nakd in this review are the bars. And they really are. Looking at the ingredients of, for example, the Pecan Pie bar, the ingredients are Dates, Pecans and Almonds. That's it, Nothing else! And how does it taste with this minimalist mix, great, I really like the taste of the bar. The balance of sweet and nuts is really good, enough to take the overly sweet edge off the dates.

This good balance of flavour continues on through the line, including, Cocoa Delight, Berry delight and Ginger Bread. There are other flavours, but these are the ones I have tried. And all made in Britain.

Is there a negative to this healthy wonder. For myself personally, yes, the price. If you want to buy these in numbers then I would recommend going direct to the source as the mark up in many retail outlets is ridiculous. I've seen these bars for as much as £1.25.

They also make infused raisins, raisins that have had flavour, well, infused into them. I really cannot comment though as I love raisins as much as I love to stick hot needles under my finger nails. But I can report that having passed a couple of packets on to a friend for his kids to try, the report was good. As people who like raisins, they really liked these.
For anyone who wants to look at the Nakd range of bars for the outdoors, I recommend their Trek bars instead. They are more substantial for when you need a good energy boost. They taste pretty much the same, but have a more solid texture and fill you up a little.


  1. Did you see the "Which" report on the breakfast / fruit bars? That made interesting reading too.

  2. I heard it on the news at work, very scary to think that so-called healthy bars are over 40% sugar. If Natural Balance Foods can do it then there is no excuse. But lets face it, their profit margin is more important than our health.