Sunday, 30 September 2012

Never Give Up!

I want to show that no matter how things get, never give up.

In February 2010 I was involved in a serious car accident. The result of the accident was a serious injury to my right arm. I'm right handed so was in for some hard work.

Don't read any further if you are squeamish about x-rays of broken bones.

Slightly broken after my accident.

With hard and committed work from the staff at Sheffield Northern General Hospital to whom I will be forever grateful I managed a far greater than could have been imagined recovery.

Following the hard work of the fantastic staff at Sheffield Northern General.

I have managed to return to a level of somewhat normality in my life. I have restricted movement in my arm, and have been warned that any further serious injury may be impossible to repair. But I can drive again, I can write with my right hand, and I have been able to return to my job without any real limitations.

In early 2011, having been persuaded I ought to 'get out there' by an acquaintance, I decided to. I used to go walking and rock climbing with my parents from the age of about 7 years up to being about 15 years. Now rock climbing, was out of the question, but walking was something I could do just by going through the back door. And since early 2011 I have progressed from going for a walk around the local park and forest, to the walks you are seeing on my blog. I'm living more now, than I did before my accident. I'm going back to places from my youth, and new places, to create all new memories. It's the best therapy I could ask for.

So however bad it may seem, it can be better, it just needs some hard work, and from time to time, a bit of helpful advice.


  1. I’m so sorry that you were in an accident serious enough to injure you like that! My once-left-handed father injured his left arm when he was young, and had to learn how to write with his right hand, and has been doing so ever since. I congratulate you on your progressive recovery! Did you ever consider making a personal injury claim regarding the accident and what have you sustained since?

  2. I can't claim, lost control of my car on ice. If they had gritted the road a claim would be possible. But to be honest I wouldn't, I'm glad I've regained so much use back. I have about 50% of the original range of movement in both my elbow and wrist. On the flip side, if I hadn't have had my accident I may well still be vegetating in the house as I did prior. Every cloud has a silver lining.

    Many thanks for asking and posting.


  3. Marc, I’m glad to read about your recovery from your accident, and your positive outlook both on what happened then and what is happening now. I admire you for your strength and resolve to create more opportunities to live your life the way you want to. I hope the recovery has become easier nowadays!

  4. Thank you very much. In some ways it's easier, in some harder. The psychological battle outways the physical. Meeting and talking to fellow walkers, people like yourself, seeing magnificant scenery and feeling free and independent again all help.

  5. The accident that I had last year gave a lot of trouble, a lot of court trials, and a lot of stress. My injuries weren’t as bad as yours but the trauma that I felt really freaked me out. I’m glad to have read your blog and from this time, I’ll try my very best to recover from the incident and look at the positive side of the event.

    : Cindie Guevara

  6. It's not always easy to find the positives in such a negative event in your life. But the journey of finding the positive side is what has helped me to get there. For me the, it was overcoming fears, seeing new places, revisiting old places and the fantastic views that have helped me put my life back together. And some new friends on the way. Good look with your journey my friend.