Friday, 12 October 2012

Quick Look: Sherpa Adventure Gear Jivan Hat

Sherpa Adventure Gear, owned by a Sherpa family member, aims to give back to the unsung heroes of many mountain expeditions, the Sherpa. The company use Sherpas to test their gear and part of the profits from the company are paid as royalties to the Sherpa community in Nepal. As a new company I thought I would give one of their products a try.

The Sherpa Adventure Gear company seem to like their bright colours, so I picked up a Jivan Hat. The hat is stripped which is believed to make people smile, a good thing in life. The hat is hand knitted using 100% Lambswool in Nepal and it shows. The hat isn't perfect, it doesn't have that mass produced feel, it looks and feels like your Gran just made it for you. That's not a bad thing, the quality is high, but there is a human touch to it. There is a Polartec fleece lining that extends about half way up inside the hat. So if you're like me and wool makes you itch, this won't......phew!

On the front of the hat is the Sherpa Adventure Gear company logo, an endless knot. The knot represents, and I quote the company,  'This auspicious symbol represents the unity of thought and action, words and deeds, wisdom and compassion. We place it here to bring you good fortune.' This is printed on the swing tag that comes attached to the hat along with other information, including care instructions. The card used for the swing tag is recycled, so with this and other aspects of the company, ethics are a strong driving force.

The hat is comfortable and warm with no itch, so a bonus for me. It looks pretty good, even on me. This has to be the first outdoor product I have purchased for a while and felt like I may have done some good for someone somewhere. I might have to buy something else.

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