Saturday, 22 December 2012

Quick Review: Outdoors Grub

The reviews I have done this year of de-hydrated and freeze dried meals have been purchased from one retailer. I had been reluctant to mention a specific retailer, but an experience this week has changed my mind.

I have some plans for January, on a walking front, as long as the weather complies. Part of which is testing some water heating systems. So to make the project more interesting I thought I would purchase some nice freeze dried meals. I placed the order with Outdoors Grub on Friday 21st December with hopes that the packs would arrive maybe late next week. The website warned that no meal order would arrive before Christmas. What a shock when my order arrived this morning, Saturday 22nd December.

I'm not saying they will always deliver the next day, but I have to say the service from Outdoors Grub is always very swift. I have no connection to their company, but I think it's worth pointing out reliable retailers that are internet based. It's good to know that when you click on that 'Confirm Order' icon that you haven't just thrown you're money away on an unreliable retailer.


  1. Totally agree.
    Chris has always been 100% efficient and reliable.

  2. Good retailers deserve support.