Saturday, 26 January 2013

A Local Winter Walk

Last weekend I enjoyed a walk around the local area. I was just about rid of a nasty cold that had caused persistent coughing and just fancied a morning out without going too far from home.
The scenery was quite nice, deeper snow would have been nicer, but I did enjoy getting out. The temperature was more like what i prefer, I can manage my body temperature more easily in these cold conditions. As ever, the snow added something to features of the landscape.

I headed around to the local wood and stopped off there in a shelter for something hot to eat. I used a new heater system to make hot water for a nice meal. It warmed me up nicely before I set off for a walk around the wood.

There were signs around the wood that the winter snow fall had done some damage. I was recently down here when there was no snow around and these trees had been fine.

Even with the cold weather there were still squirrels, rabbits and Roe Deer present in the wood. Although the later tended to be a lot more secretive and tended to be glimpsed rather than seen. Way to fast for me to get photographs of, I'm sure a friend of mine would be disappointed, but the crunching snow was a serious disadvantage.
I really love walking in the snow. It provides a different challenge and makes for a more interesting outing. It's good to be out in these conditions, nature can really surprise you and you may see things you didn't expect.

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