Monday, 8 April 2013

A Snake, Snow and a Plane Wreck.

It will be brief, but I made a return to the Snake Woodland and the Snake path. I had a reason, an aircraft wreck. The wreck is of a B24 Consolidated Liberator, a heavy bomber used during the Second World War. There were more B24s built by America in WWII than any other plane with over 19,000 built.

This particular wreck can be one of the easiest or one of the hardest to access. Snake Path, access from the East, is currently in a poor state due to heavy rain fall last year damaging a stretch of the path. There is also access to the wreck further north, but I don't intend to go into detail for a reason. Many of the numerous wrecks on the Dark Peak are grave sites and need to be respected as such. So I'm sure the very interested of you will seek the location of the sites. Many sites have been pilfered by inconsiderate trophy collectors not respecting the sacrifices made in relation to the wrecks. So if you do find a wreck, please respect them.
Snake Path has some incredible views and the snow added to the atmosphere. Care was needed in some places, especially in the areas damaged last year.

Snake Woodland

Looking back to Snake Woodland from Snake Path.

Nearing the goal.

Kinder Plateau.

After a quick stop we made our way to the wreck. The wreck is actually very easy to find once you know roughly where it is. Much of the wreck will be buried under the peat, but I imagine there will be many parts of it in attics and boxes throughout the UK, the B24 was a very large aircraft, a real shame. If you intend to seek out these wrecks I would do it sooner t=rather than later before they disappear forever.


Part of the wing, the stainless steel on the undercarriage still shines.

Two of the four engines that powered the plane.

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