Monday, 29 July 2013

When your blog becomes someone elses.

I decided the other day to do a search on the net and see what activity my blog is having. I was quite shocked to find at least a dozen of my posts had been ripped and posted onto another blog without crediting me as the source. That's text and photographs, including the post about my accident and injury to my arm, which I take personally. I have posted a few of the links below so that anyone interested can take a look. I say this because it looks as though they are doing the same with other blogs too. Although there seems to be no recent activity.

The other blogs posts:

My posts they ripped:
I wonder what other people think. What do my fellow bloggers, not the ones who take others hard work, think about this kind of activity? Have you experienced the same? In my opinion, it's un-ethical, and probably theft in some way.