Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Roaches, a lot of weather and too many wind farms

The Roaches, a few miles north of Leek, at the South West corner of the Peak District in Staffordshire. They are a quite unique rock formation unlike anything I have seen before. I went there at the weekend, I will need to go back.
Hen Cloud

This visit became a short walk as the low cloud spoiled any chance of some good photographs of the rocks or the surrounding views. The weather did give some eerie conditions that made for some quite dramatic shots of some of the features of The Roaches. I'll write more after my next visit.
The Roaches in view, I felt optimistic.
Argh.....low cloud makes itself known.

Some photographs from the top of The Roaches.





One thing I would like to mention is the plans to build a wind farm in the area of The Roaches. I admit that we need alternative power sources, but I am disgusted at the lack lustre attempt to encourage a reduced use of power. Let's instead make sure that we continue to have a reason to pay extortionate power bills to keep the power companies running and forget the priority, our environment (I'm being sarcastic here). I find it disgusting that a person has to seek planning permission because their planned house may have a different roof line or some other ridiculous reason, yet vandalism of our countryside for the reason of a green credentials facade is okay. If you think placing a wind farm in the area is unacceptable, then you can visit to enter your objections. I am sure there are better places for wind farms, but that politics is interfering somewhere along the way.

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