Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Product Updates - Good and Bad

Mountain Fuel

Mountain Fuel, the Welsh supplement and food company are currently in the process of updating their website. According to the email I received, they are also updating their product line. Hopefully, the energy bar they had mentioned quite some time ago on their website will appear. The new website hasn't appeared yet, I was told the end of September. So possibly another few days and something should be online. Time will tell.


Fuizion Freeze Dried Meals

This isn't good news. Having looked through the entire product range on the Fuizion website they have nothing in stock. Looking at their Facebook page, they have ceased trading. They say they are unable to make a profit, which would permit further investment. This may be down to what I consider quite a low price compared to the quality of the meals when considering similar products. This is a great loss to the outdoor industry, and my taste buds. I wish Tony and Alison, the people behind Fuizion, all the best.