Monday, 7 April 2014

Salewa Mountain Trainer Mid Initial Mini Update

First off, a few Pros and Cons from using the boots recently on a mixed terrain walk.


  • Extreme grip on rock from Mulaz Sole
  • Very dextrous, confident feel underfoot
  • Comfortable snug fit
  • Very waterproof
  • Tough midsole protects from rocks
  • An excellent scrambling boot
  • Good grip walking down damp grassy slopes
  • Quite lightweight


  • Lack of heel cushioning
  • Stock insole is not up to the job
  • Laces need to be done up correctly or suffer from sever foot roll
  • Not a backpacking boot (based on some reviews, not Salewa's recommended usage)

In Use

These boots have fantastic grip, but then any boot with a Mulaz sole from Vibram should be similar. But these boots have a snug fit and a thin sole which make them very dextrous. But there is a price paid for this, a lack of cushioning in the sole. There is more than the old Scarpa Mescalito, but less than a La Sportiva Trango. So the Mountain Trainer makes for a great approach, scrambling or via ferrata boot. But with a serious lack of heel cushioning, it is no use for long hikes on laid paths. I found the boots shredded my heels after around five miles on a level path following several miles of mixed ascent terrain. I have seen a Youtube video suggest these boots for long hikes. Well all I can say is do it at your own risk. What the boots are great for is working on rock, exactly as they are sold. If you want a long distance backpacking boot I would look elsewhere. I have to admit that I am looking at replacing the insole supplied with the boot with something like a gel insole to improve cushioning a little, but this is personal choice rather than necessity.
Up to now there are no signs of wear on the boots. They have done approximately 20 miles so far. But they will get quite a bit of use this year and I will do a follow up review on how they have taken any punishment before the year is up.

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