Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Dovestone Reservoir Visit Two: Chew Reservoir and the South Edge

I was back, and not alone………. Okay, not quite the way to start a post about a walk, but I was back at Dovestone Reservoir, and I was with a friend of mine. It was a little over a year since I was last here and the weather was better. The parking was still really cheap, £1.30 for the day. And I had a couple of reasons for being here. One was to walk the edge to the south of Dovestone Resevoir, Hoarstone Edge, and the other was to reccy the scrambles at Charnel Clough and along Chew Hurdles up from Chew Brook.

As before we headed along Bradbury Road to pick up the Oldham Way. This is a nice route around to Chew Road. It takes you a little out of your way, but it’s worth it.

Once onto Chew Road you head up to Chew Reservoir. Where the path meets Chew Road after crossing the Foot Bridge you will find Charnel Clough facing you (see my next post).

Head up Chew Road to Chew Reservoir. The level of the Reservoir was pretty low compared to last year. The hot weather has taken it’s toll a little.

Heading right (south), across the Reservoir wall and you turn right again (west) onto the edge towards Chew Hurdles. The path is a little vague here so it is a case of following a handful of stakes across some bogs to the path proper.

The path is fairly clear all the way along the edge. There are a few nice spots for stops to have a rest and take in the views.

The path continues right to Alphin Pike. At this point at the other side of the Cairn the path heads down to the Oldham Way near Fern Lee Farm.

The Oldham Way continues back along Intake Lane, so we broke off from this path back onto Bradbury Lane and back to the car park.

In my next visit to Dovestone I’ll be heading off for a little scramble.

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