Thursday, 16 October 2014

Causey Pike: A View To and From

For more than two years of trips to the Lake District, Causey Pike has been in full view whenever I was sat outside the pub on an evening. I kept looking at it and wondering if it was as knife edged as it appeared from a mile or so away. The other week I got to find out. It’s not a particularly high fell at 2090ft or 637 metres. But it certainly is an interesting looking peak.


My particular route started from the campsite in Braithwaite, just outside Keswick. There is a 2 mile walk into the Newlands Valley and to the foot of Causey Pike, more exactly, the foot of Rowling End. The path is just across a small bridge off to the right.

The path I chose climbs up the side of Rowling End direct to Sleet Hause. There is an alternative path that climbs up Rowling End direct. I was told by a couple I spoke to on Causey Pike that the route directly up Rowling End has some fantastic views, I will try this route in the future.

The views from the side of Rowling End are great as well. I really find that by writing this blog it encourages me to stop more and take in the views.

Once onto Street Hause, there is a small flat area, then back onto Causey Pike proper.

The views of the area from this point are beginning to come into their own, all around you, Keswick and Derwent Water clear in the distance. More southerly are Maiden Moore, High Spy, Dale Head and Hindscarth.

Working your way up Causey Pike itself is a great section of the walk. There is some scrambling involved that isn’t overly challenging, but fun. This section is over all too soon.

After a stop for photographs on the summit of Causey Pike, it’s onward and upward across the humps of Causey and on to Scar Crag. The name of Scar Crag is very appropriate as it looks as though it has a scar running along it’s spine.
Off to your right is a beautiful view of Grisedale Pike and Hopegill Head beyond.

After crossing the humps of Causey Pike and the rocky back of Scar Crag you drop down to a small Col with Sale at the other side.

At this col I took a turn to the right and down towards High Moss.
From here I headed up onto Stile End to get another reverse view I have had many times from the pub in Braithwaite.

The path from here is a smooth grass surface which I actually found hard to walk on after all the scrambling and walking on rocky routes.
Of course, this path finally lead back to the pub for a well enjoyed pint. And the view I had back to Causey Pike.

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