Sunday, 19 April 2015

Winter Has Gone, Spring 2015 is here.

It looks like we are well into Spring with the snow in the past....maybe. But we have fantastic walking weather at the moment. And typical, I have a bad cold that seems to be catching up with a lot of people. I'm off to the Lake District in three weeks, so as my cold is clearing I can get out for some exercise this week. But while I'm in the house, I've dug out my photographs from the winter and found some photographs of a crampon practise sessions I had on 4th February this year.



And the walk was straight out from work. So the photographs were taken early in the morning, with an amazing sunrise.


I know there are people who will not like me for saying this, but I wish we could have a last final drop of snow before the Summer arrives. I enjoyed my crampon outing and fingers crossed, my cold is clearing.

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