Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Ashton Clough: A C47 Dakota and A B29 Superfortress

Located in the Peak District Ashton Clough is a narrow clough that goes from the path of the old Roman Road (at the point of Doctor's Gate) up to Shelf Moor and the Lower and Higher Shelf Stones. I accessed the clough from the top end of the snake pass just over three miles east of the little town of Glossop.
Ashton Clough is not really the subject of this post, the two wrecks are. The first is a C47 Dakota Skytrain (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Douglas_C-47_Skytrain). The second wreck is that of a B29 Superfortress, a huge quad engine bomber of the Second World War era (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_B-29_Superfortress).

C47 undercarriage.

A C47 fuselage panel.

Clear blue skies above Ashton Clough.

Another of the few remaining C47 pieces.
A C47 fuselage piece.

At the top of Ashton Clough.
Amazing view at the top of Ashton Clough.

Trig point above Higher Shelf Stones.

Is the name carved in stone dated 1948 relevant to the B29 crash of 1948?

View from Higher Shelf Stones and the path down to Doctor's Gate just visible.

B29 engine and variable pitch propeller unit.

Fuselage wreckage.

More wreckage.

Some sort of tank?

The route back to the road.

Please remember that many of these wreck sites are actually grave sites and not only would it be an offence to remove items from them, it would also be disrespect to the servicemen that perished and their families. We owe our freedom to these men, and everyone, women and men, that served during the Second World War, whatever their role.

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