Sunday, 10 June 2012

Overview: Blogger on Android

Earlier in the year I was away in the Dales for a few days. While there I decided to try something different and post on my blog using my mobile phone. The software was Google's own Blogger App. I suppose in a way it became a bit more like Tweeting. The App can be downloaded from the Android Market Place and makes the job of posting on the go quite easy.

The layout of the App is fairly straight forward and quite intuitive to use, especially if you are used to the online Blogger App.

The Apps front end.

It also made the job of going back into posts and editing them pretty easy too. You have access to a list of your posts permitting the editing of listapes......I mean fishcakes.........erm, mistakes.

List of posts.

There is a downside, the connection. With a 'G' connection it was pretty slow to upload posts, with an 'H' connection quite fast. With a wi-fi link it was extremely fast. The pub up the road had a free wi-fi link so became a good excuse to buy at least a pint in return for the use of their wi-fi. I suppose every cloud has a silver lining.

The following posts were all done with the Blogger App while in the Dales.

So highly recommended if you want to post on the go.