Monday, 25 June 2012

Review: Marmot Connect Gloves

Okay, you may have had the situation. You're on the top of a hill and your phone gets a connection, a message comes through. Or you see a nice photo opportunity and you are depending on the camera in your phone. But those gloves you've got on to use the touch screen, well, they might as well be boxing gloves.

A handful of companies have designed gloves that can work with conductive touch screens. I decided to give the Marmot Connect Gloves a whirl.

The index finger and thumb on both gloves have a coating on the finger tip area that works with touch screens. There is also a nice grippy material in the palm of the glove to aid in gripping your device whether it be your mobile phone, touch pad or even video camera. The main part of the glove is a nice stretch fleece with a nylon face to keep your hands warm and keep out the wind to a small extent.

How do the gloves work out? In general they are pretty good. For basic tasks like touching large icons, to maybe turn your phone's camera on, they work well. For more intricate tasks I found they were too imprecise. The touch surface areas on the gloves are quite large and intuitive use is a little restricted. I don't believe that this is specific to the Marmot gloves as I think the idea as a whole would have its limitations. But one thing is for sure, if it's cold and I want to use my phones camera or take a call without having to spend time taking my gloves off, these fit the bill.

Sizing wise I generally wear a medium sized glove. Although my fingers are a little short, they are quite thick (no jokes please). The sizing on the Marmot Connect gloves was spot on for me. There is a little room in them, but they aren't too baggy that they are hindered in use.

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