Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sheep Not so Baaarmy, Sculptures Hewen From Rock

While I was on the wander around Langsett and The Porter River I spotted a strange scene. Looking down from a high path I saw what looked like a sheep admiring her handy work.

On further investigation I managed a quick interview with the sheep. When asked about her sculptoring skills 'Baarbara' modestly replied that the idea had like a flock from the blue. I also asked if she would put the work on public display? She said there would be open access for everyone. When pressed about a possible Turner Prize she asked me to go away and come by another day as she felt she was having questiones rammed down her throat.

Interview by Collin Shephard.

But seriously, although this was a bit of fun, the sculptures are there to be seen along The Porter of Little Don River. We may never know their origins, but they are interesting and you may be lucky enough to see an admiring sheep or two.

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