Saturday, 31 March 2012

Alpkit Mission Pack Review

Well I don't know about you, but I'm finding I need more and more means by which to store small items, maps and books, especially when out hiking or camping.  I decided I wanted some simple storage devices that would protect against damp, especially when dropping stuff on the floor, which I do a lot of. But I also wanted something a little more convenient than just a Ziploc bag. Enter stage right the Alpkit Mission Pack.

There are four pouches in the pack, all different sizes and colours. The sizing is:

  • Small: 15cm x 11cm (12g)
  • Medium: 21cm x 14cm (16g)
  • Large: 29cm x 23cm (20g)
  • XLarge: 37cm x 29cm (30g)

  • The small pouch (orange pouch) could be useful for keys, change, credit cards and other small items. I find the second size up (red pouch) is ideal for my phone, wallet and similarly sized bits and bobs.The next up (blue pouch) is good for maps, small books etc. And the largest (black pouch) is good unfolded A4 documents, magazines, maps and similar. 

    One very useful feature, and the one that helped me make the decision to buy them is the addition of a small D-ring on each of the pouches. This makes the pouches very hand for attaching securely to the key clips found in the lid pockets of most rucksacks. This means the pouches can't fall out when the rucksack pocket is unzipped. The positioning of the zip on the pouches is also very good as it reduces the chances of anything falling out of the pouch when left unzipped.

    One thing to remember though, as Alpkit state on their website, the pouches may be made from siliconised cordura, but the zips and seams are not waterproof. So whilst fine against damp, a bit of rain or snow, they wont take a dunking.

    To be honest, I just like the fact that they are brightly coloured, store my items, protect them to a small degree and only cost £10 delivered. Alpkit receive a lot of praise that I have seen which would seem to be deserved so far.

    For more information and products (I have no ties to any company or item I review) here is the Alpkit web address: