Tuesday, 20 March 2012

High Bradfield Circular via High Peak

The day started out as a usual Peak District day, cloudy with rain. So much so that I decided to go without my camera and get the odd snap with my phone. Looking back that was a mistake. During the climb out of High Bradfield up on to the tops the rain came down and it looked as though that was going to be the theme of the day. To my dismay (no camera) and joy (blue skies poking through) all at the same time the weather broke a little by the time I reached Hurkling Edge.

Hurkling Stones on Hurkling Edge.
The route from this point followed what seems to be an ancient road called Dukes Road via Flint Hill (a bit of a none event) up to High Peak and onwards. On the way up to Flint Hill I found quite a lot of fire damage. I recall seeing a moorland fire a few weeks ago from Langsett and would guess this was it. It's a real shame and a reminder for people to be extra vigilant when out on the hills.

Looking back from Flint Hill approach with fire damage evident.
The views from the High Peak area are very enjoyable. I could have kicked myself for a lack of camera as the weather had cleared somewhat allowing for what would have been some good shots.

View from High Peak with Margory Hill to the right.

After the descent from High Peak the path leads down to a road where I took a left turn. There was a short walk up the road to meet up with the next path. This path continued down to the Strines Reservoir where I planned to work my way into the valley and meet up with the Sheffield Country Walk.

Strines Reservoir comes into view.
The short section of the walk that followed the Sheffield Country Walk was quite pleasant. There were occasional picnic tables along the walk which came in very handy for a long awaited rest. Since setting off I had only had a couple of five minute stops and covered around ten miles so was very much ready for a quick break and a snack.

A section of the Sheffield Country Walk.
 Eventually after a couple of miles from the Strines Reservoir the path leads back through Low Bradfield to High Bradfield and walks end.
Annet Bridge on the final stretch to Bradfield.

A rough guide map not to scale.