Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Keela Scuffer Trousers Review

Described by their makers Keela as able to take a pounding, the Scuffer trousers are a softshell type trouser with varying scenarios in mind. They have a very good fit with sizing being accurate. They don't sag around my ankles trying to make me look like M.C. Hammer (yep, I can remember him). And they feel like they were made for my leg length, not the same pattern cut to different lengths.


The material the scuffer trousers are made of is a hybrid 4 way stretch type. It would fall into a softshell type material which Keela are also making their soon to be released Lynx softshell jacket from. The material is ripstop in nature with a slight fleece inner face making the trousers warm in cold weather. I've worn these trousers at temperatures around freezing without the need for thermals underneath. Personally, I wouldn't wear these trousers in the summer as they would be too warm unless at higher altitudes. When walking, and particularly scrambling, the stretch in the material is notable and appreciated. The material is also very good at keeping the wind out and stopping light rain showers from coming through. I have yet to have water come through to be honest even in fairly heavy rain.

Scuffers ripstop 4 way stretch material.


To make the Scuffers more hard wearing Keela have included double layer material both on the knees and the seat. The double layer seat in particular can be helpful when sitting on cold rocks which I can attest to. On the inside of the ankles scuffer welt panels (probably where the Scuffer name comes from) which help to make the trousers easier to clean when muddy and would probably add extra protection from crampons scraping the inside of the trousers.

Inner ankle scuffer welt.

Other features include calf length ankle zips with Velcro ankle adjusters. There is an included belt with an extra little feature which I will leave as a surprise (sorry). The belt is of a good quality, unlike those of some competitors with a good solid lock and unlock action. There are two side pockets with one including an extra inner security pocket with zip, excellent for securing your keys or change etc. I've seen complaints about the trousers pockets being too small. Personally I don't like too much in my pockets so I don't have any issues. And additionally there are zipped vents on the sides of the trousers at thigh level intended to aid in some air flow should you get too hot.

The Scuffers.
Now contrary to some recent reviews I've seen of the Scuffers, they are available from Keela in different lengths. Unfortunately I have quite short legs and tend to find other makes of trousers still too long, even when buying their so called short length. I am 5' 10", so not particularly short and the Scuffers fit me very well. There's no gather at the bottom and because of the stretch material they don't ride up when scrambling or climbing over obstacles.

If I was to say anything negative about the trousers it would that they are a bit heavy and the material can be a little rough. But apples for apples these are minor niggles that can be lived with at this price and performance.

I bought my trousers direct from Keela. The postal service used, UPS, is excellent and I can usually judge on what day my items will arrive when ordered. Keela also occasionally throw in a small gift and on several occasions last year a 20% discount voucher.

For more information and products Keela's website is http://www.keela.co.uk/