Thursday, 1 March 2012

Mountain Fuel: Extreme Energy Fuel. Could help you walk further.

Mountain Fuel isn't just a supplement or energy drink, it's intended as a whole days fuel system for the entire body. Developed with top nutritionists and field tested by some impressive individuals and teams, does it have a place in the everyday hikers needs. Here I review Mountain Fuel's Extreme Energy Fuel.

Extreme Energy in Tropical and Blackcurrant flavours.

First things first, how does this stuff mix. Well I have to say, it mixes really well. You do find a little powder gathers at the bottom of your bottle after a couple of hours. But a quick shake and all is mixed again.

Secondly, taste, a very important component. There's nothing worse than being thirsty in the middle of a long walk and finding that your drink is gritty. In the case of Extreme Energy any fears, I think, are quashed. The Blackcurrant is a pretty good tasting drink but for me the Tropical flavour is the champ. It tastes really nice and I actually look forward to drinking it.

How about the important part of drinks like Extreme Energy? The energy and other elements it provides your body with during a walk. Well here, I think, is where for myself in particular, Extreme Energy wins. I tend to find on a long walk that I loose me appetite. I look forward to my next drink, but find that I can't face an energy bar, sandwich or other food. Extreme Energy appears to have a well balanced mix of what the body needs which, to some extent, will make up for this.

The back of the Extreme Energy packaging.
The surprise with Extreme Energy is the inclusion of protein and even a little fibre. With a mix of vitamins and minerals this makes the drink an excellent all round source. There is a warning on the packaging that informs you not to exceed two servings per day which would be best followed. Excessive intake of electrolytes can cause an electrolyte imbalance just as much as not taking in enough electrolytes. Some of the RDA percentages might seem a little low, but it is well documented on the Internet and in books that RDA percentages are set purposely high to allow for the needs of the wider populace.

When would I use Extreme Energy? I feel that the drink would be overkill for a short walk. Where I think it would be useful would be a full days walk, someone backpacking or where large amounts of energy are expected to be used.

Finally, does it work? I tried Extreme Energy on a 12mile mixed terrain walk. At a point a few miles from the end of the walk I found myself flagging as there had been a lot of up hill walking in cold conditions. I had a good drink of Extreme Energy and found that I was able to push on again to the end of the walk.

In April I'm heading off to the Dales where I plan to trial the whole Mountain Fuel range for a couple of full day hikes to see if it works. The range is:

Morning Fuel
Extreme Energy Fuel
Recovery Fuel
Night Fuel.

A full review of the whole system will follow. For more information the Mountain Fuel web address is